A Ghost in the MachinderA Man Called KrinkleAntauri
Antauri's MastersApe New WorldBelly of the Beast
Big LugBrain Scrambler 2Brother in Arms
Captain ShuggazoomChiroChiro's Girl
Circus of OozeCiro NieliCitadel of Bone
Clancy BrownCloggy Colon CreatureCorey Feldman
Dark One WormDark OnesDemon of the Deep
Depths of FearDr. TakeuchiEarth
Elevator MonsterEvil AgesFist Rocket 3
Fist Rocket 4FlytorFoot Crusher Cruiser 5
Foot Crusher Cruiser 6FormlessGalactic Smash: Game Over
Galactic Smash: Space AttackGhosts of ShuggazoomGibson
Girl TroubleGolden AgeGreg Cipes
Gyrus KrinkleHidden FortressHunt for the Citadel of Bone
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In the Grip of EvilIncident on Ranger 7Invasion of the Vreen
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Tom KennyTorso Tank 1Valeena
Verron MysticsVersus ChiroWigglenog
Wonder Fun Meat WorldWorld of GiantsWormhole
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File:Alternative Attack by Dark Worm.pngFile:Antauri's Ghost Claws.jpgFile:AntauriVersusMandarin.jpg
File:Antauri Eyes Closed.jpgFile:Antauri Meditating.jpgFile:Antauri Sell Promo
File:Antauri in Midair.jpgFile:Antaurinew.pngFile:Biker Formless.png
File:Brain Scrambler.jpgFile:Brain Scrambler 2.pngFile:Captain Shuggazoom.png
File:Charged-up Chiro.jpgFile:Chinmay.jpgFile:Chiro's Power Primate.jpg
File:Chiro Carrying Otto.jpgFile:Chiro Catching Antauri.jpgFile:Chiro Fighting Fake Chiro.jpg
File:Chiro in Skeleton King (episode).jpgFile:Chiro with Skeleton King Head.pngFile:Chiro with Space Girls.jpg
File:ChiroandAntauriMetalBody.pngFile:Chrio Dodging a Laser.jpgFile:Ciro Nieli.png
File:Citadel of Bone.pngFile:Clancybrown.jpgFile:Cloggy Colon Creature.png
File:Clone Mandarin.jpgFile:Corey Feldman.jpgFile:Cpt shuggazoom unmasked.png
File:Creator.jpgFile:DarkOneWorm.jpgFile:Dark One Worm - Skeleton King.png
File:Dark Worm Appearing During Storm.pngFile:Dark Worm Emerging.pngFile:Dark Worm Facing up.png
File:Dark Worm Launching Attack.pngFile:Dark Worm in Half.pngFile:Dark Worming Travelling.png
File:Disney Channel Asia Poster.jpgFile:Dr. Takeuchi.pngFile:E32.png
File:E73vngh5.jpgFile:Elevator monster.pngFile:Enthusiastic Gibson.jpg
File:Evil Sparx.jpgFile:Evil Sparx with Magnets.jpgFile:Evil Sparx with Mandarin.jpg
File:Evil Sparx with Orb.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Fake Chiro with Sparx.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Fist Rocket 3.pngFile:Fist Rocket 4.png
File:Foot Crusher 5.jpgFile:Foot Crusher 5.pngFile:Foot Crusher 5 & 6 Toys.jpg
File:Foot Crusher 6.pngFile:Formless.jpgFile:Formless.png
File:Formless Dinosaur.pngFile:Formless Gliders.pngFile:Formless on Motorcycles.jpg
File:Ghost Claw Underwater.jpgFile:Ghost in the Machiner Cluster.jpgFile:Gibson's Arm Cut Off.jpg
File:Gibson's Drill Attack.jpgFile:Gibson.pngFile:Gibson Eating Popcorn.png
File:Gibson Figure.jpgFile:Gibson Holding Crystal.jpgFile:Gibson Inspecting.jpg
File:Gibson Otto and Antauri Underwater.jpgFile:Gibson Profile PromoFile:Gibson Soul of Evil.jpg
File:Gibson Soul of Evil (Glowing).jpgFile:Gibson Using Attack Name Otto Suggested.jpgFile:Gibson and Antauri.jpg
File:Gibson and Nova.pngFile:Gibson and Sparx Arguing.jpgFile:Gibson in Brother in Arms.jpg
File:Gibson in Object of Hate.jpgFile:Gibson the Sailor.jpgFile:Gibson with Flashlight.png
File:Greg Cipes.jpgFile:Group Sell PromoFile:Gyrus' Prison Mugshot.jpg
File:Gyrus Krinkle.gifFile:Gyrus Krinkle.jpgFile:Gyrus Krinkle Impersonating Chiro.png
File:How to Draw All of the Robot Monkeys.jpgFile:Hyper Formless.jpgFile:Hyperforce Before Being Robots.jpg
File:Hyperforce Figures.jpgFile:Hyperforce Insignia.pngFile:Hyperforce Reaction.jpg
File:Hyperforce Surrounding Mandarin.jpgFile:Hyperforce lineup.jpgFile:I258533837 15292 7.jpg
File:I260785931 55337 7.jpgFile:I260785955 73708 7.jpgFile:I260785978 54752 7.jpg
File:I286729402 7585 4.jpgFile:I286729554 48383 4.jpgFile:ImagesCATD631D.jpg
File:ImagesCAX3KW9V.jpgFile:ImagesCAZPY5K1.jpgFile:Images (1).jpg
File:Inside of Super Robot.jpgFile:Japanese PromoFile:JetixToonDisneyABCFamily.jpg
File:Jinmay.pngFile:Jinmay Captured.jpgFile:Jinmay Captured.png
File:Jinmay in Season 4.jpgFile:Joyful Antauri.jpgFile:Kevin Michael Richardson.png
File:Knocked Out Chiro.jpgFile:Laser Criss Cross.jpgFile:Laughing Otto.png
File:Long Eyelash Otto.pngFile:Lord Scrapperton.pngFile:Lurch Formless.png
File:Ma and Pa.pngFile:Ma and Pa Sheenko.pngFile:Ma and Pa Sheenko as Monsters.png
File:Maezono.pngFile:Magna Tingler Blast.jpgFile:Mandarin.jpg
File:Mandarin Clone.jpgFile:Mandarin Freezing Nova.pngFile:Mandarin Snowbound.jpg
File:Mandarin Without Robotic Parts.pngFile:Mandarin in Original Form.jpgFile:Mandarin in Secret of the Sixth Monkey.jpg
File:Mandarinlaughing.jpgFile:Mark-hamill.jpgFile:Master Offay.png
File:Master Zan.jpgFile:Master Zan 2.jpgFile:Mechanic Otto.jpg
File:Meet Chiro - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Disney Channel AsiaFile:Meet the Robots - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Disney Channel AsiaFile:Memeeee.jpg
File:Metal Antauri.jpgFile:Mobius Quint.jpgFile:Monkey Mind Scream.jpg
File:Monsters as Formless.pngFile:Morlath.jpgFile:Mr Jeepers.png
File:Nebutron 7.pngFile:New Formless.pngFile:Nova's Reaction to Sparx and Chiro.jpg
File:NovaJinmayChiroOtto.jpgFile:Nova After Hyperforce saw her Pound a Snow Sprite.jpgFile:Nova Aiding Otto.jpg
File:Nova Attacking.jpegFile:Nova Embarrassed.jpgFile:Nova Giving Chiro a Gift.jpg
File:Nova Guiding Bandaged Sparx.jpgFile:Nova and Otto.pngFile:Nova and Sparx in Real Form.JPG
File:Nova with Yellow Robot Frog.pngFile:Nova with a Dinosaur.jpgFile:Nova with fuzzy creature.jpg
File:Older Captain Shuggazoom.jpgFile:Otto.pngFile:OttoGibsonandMandarin.jpg
File:Otto Aiding Nova.jpgFile:Otto Figure.jpgFile:Otto Full Scale Saws.jpg
File:Otto Looking at Gibson's Arm.jpgFile:Otto Promo VideoFile:Otto Sell Promo
File:Otto Wearing Cape.pngFile:Otto and Nova.jpgFile:Otto in Foot Crusher 5.jpg
File:Otto in Invasion of the Vreen.pngFile:Otto in Stranded Seven.jpegFile:Otto the pilot.jpg
File:Otto with Tools for Hands.jpgFile:Planetoid Q.pngFile:Power Primate.jpg
File:Professor.pngFile:Prometheus 5.jpgFile:Reformed Mandarin.jpg
File:Revived Skeleton King.pngFile:Robot Monkeys in Tubes.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Poster.jpg
File:SRMTHFG Toys.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Antauri.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Chiro.jpg
File:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Gibson.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Nova.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Otto.jpg
File:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Skeleton King.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Sparx.jpgFile:SRMTHFG Wiki Promo Super Robot.jpg
File:Sakko.jpgFile:SavageLands.jpgFile:Secmhfy (105).png
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File:Secmhfy (427).jpgFile:Secmhfy (437).jpgFile:Secmhfy (456).jpg
File:Secmhfy (461).jpgFile:Secmhfy (466).jpgFile:Secmhfy (471).jpg
File:Secmhfy (530).jpgFile:Secmhfy (539).jpgFile:Secmhfy (540).jpg
File:Secmhfy (590).jpgFile:Secmhfy (682).jpgFile:Secmhfy (689).jpg
File:Secmhfy (690).jpgFile:Secmhfy (73).jpgFile:Secmhfy (744).jpg
File:Secmhfy (746).jpgFile:Secmhfy (748).jpgFile:Shuggazoom.jpg
File:Shuggazoom City.jpgFile:Shuggazoom City 2.jpgFile:Shuggazoom City 3.jpg
File:Shuggazoom outskirts.jpgFile:SkeletonKingandMandarin.jpgFile:SkeletonKingintheGripofEvil.png
File:SkeletonKingwithClonedMandarin.jpgFile:Skeleton King's Cracked Head.pngFile:Skeleton King's Dragon.png
File:Skeleton King's Head.pngFile:Skeleton King's Skull.pngFile:Skeleton King's Stripped Skull.png
File:Skeleton King AI.jpgFile:Skeleton King Connected with Worm.pngFile:Skeleton King Disconnecting.png
File:Skeleton King Droid.pngFile:Skeleton King Glaring at the World.pngFile:Skeleton King Head Above Earth.png
File:Skeleton King Head Floating.pngFile:Skeleton King Head with Antauri.pngFile:Skeleton King Hologramed.png
File:Skeleton King Insignia.pngFile:Skeleton King Powering Up.pngFile:Skeleton King Skull Absorbing.png
File:Skeleton King in Second Season.pngFile:Skeleton King in Skeletal Form.pngFile:Skeleton King on Throne.png
File:Skeleton King with Chiro in its Grasp.pngFile:Smiling Antauri.jpgFile:Smiling Gibson.jpg
File:Soe.pngFile:Spanish Promo Poster.jpgFile:Sparx Figure.jpg
File:Sparx Gibson and Otto Figures.jpgFile:Sparx Inside Super Robot.jpegFile:Sparx Otto and Gibson Reaction.jpg
File:Sparx Turned Evil.jpgFile:Sparx Underwater.jpgFile:Sparx and Nova in Belly of the Beast.png
File:Sparx and Nova in Circus of Ooze.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Evil Ages.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Ghost in the Machinder.png
File:Sparx and Nova in Invasion of the Vreen.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Night of Fear.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Pit of Doom.png
File:Sparx and Nova in Season of the Skull.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Snowbound.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Soul of Evil.png
File:Sparx and Nova in The Savage Lands.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in The Stranded Seven.pngFile:Sparx and Nova in Versus Chiro.png
File:Sparx and Nova in Wormhole.pngFile:Sparx and Otto.jpgFile:Sparx and Otto Snowballs.jpg
File:Sparx with Goodies.jpgFile:Sparx with Magnet Instead of Hand.jpgFile:Sparx with Mermaid.png
File:Sparx with Object of Hate.jpgFile:Spova.jpgFile:Spova Moment.jpg
File:Srmthfg wiki logo.jpgFile:Srmthfg wiki promo ep2.jpgFile:Sun riders.jpg
File:Super Robot.jpgFile:Super Robot.pngFile:Super Robot Against Dark Worm.png
File:Super Robot Fighting Mode.jpgFile:Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Disney Channel AsiaFile:Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! End Credits
File:Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! TV Exclusive First Appearance PromoFile:Super Robot Stationed.jpgFile:Super Robot Vehicles.png
File:Super Robot at Night.jpgFile:Super Robot in Shuggazoom City.jpgFile:Suupa and Gibson.jpg
File:TMNT Behind.jpgFile:TV Monster in Season 3.jpegFile:TV Promo
File:The Answer Studio Logo.pngFile:The Dark Ones.jpgFile:The Monkeys' Original Form.jpg
File:The Skeletal Circle's Crest.jpgFile:The Skeleton King.jpgFile:Thingy.png
File:Thingy Afraid of Sparx.jpgFile:Thingy Licking Antauri.jpgFile:Thingy Licking Sparx.jpg
File:Thingy Rescuing Chiro.jpgFile:Title card.jpgFile:Tomkenny.jpg
File:Torso Tank 1.pngFile:Toys.jpgFile:Valeena and Mandarin.jpg
File:Valina, the Skull Sorceress.pngFile:Verron Mystics.jpgFile:Vreen Sketch.jpg
File:Wikia-Visualization-Main,srmthfg.pngFile:Wikia-Visualization-Main.pngFile:Young Chiro Using Gibson's Drill.jpg
File:¿Qué clase de mono eres? Nova - Cortos JetixFile:¿Qué clase de mono eres? Sparx - Cortos Jetix

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