Object of Hate is the 51st episode of the series.

Object of Hate
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date December 9th 2006
Written by Mark Henry
Directed by Alan Wan and Fumio Maezono
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Golden Age
Soul of Evil


In order to revive the Skeleton King, Valeena the Skull Sorceress must find three sacred items that represent her master's soul. Learning of this, the Hyperforce and Jinmay set off to find these items before the sorceress does. But getting hold of these items are easier said than done, since they might contain more than just power. Sparx' converted to evil by the Fire of Hate, the first object Valeena desires.


SRMTHFG S04E12-Object of Hate20:47

SRMTHFG S04E12-Object of Hate

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