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Power Primate
Power Primate is a mystical force that Chiro uses when battling alone with larger creatures than him, which takes form as a glowing, ghostly-green King-Kong-type of gorilla, especially when he unleashes "the animal inside". Chiro had unleashed it, forever transforming his entire life, when he activated the super robot after years of neglect and awakening the monkey team (unwittingly fufilling some prophecy about the "chosen one" in the process). To use and control this power, however, wasn't something he instinctually knew how to do, so Chiro had to learn to tap into the Power Primate with help from the monkey team, most notably under the mentorship of Antauri, who had learned it from his own masters years ago. The Power Primate's considered either an entity or a connection to an entity to the monkey team, as it is often used to provide answers to them beyond logical comprehension (even Gibson has faith in it to an extent) though it can be unpridictable as nature itself at times.

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