Skeleton King is the 14th episode of the series and the last episode of Season 1.

Skeleton King
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date February 6th 2005
Written by Henry Gilroy
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Ciro Nieli
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Hidden Fortress
World of Giants


With only Gibson and a half damaged Super Robot, Chiro must mount a rescue against the Citadel of Bone to save the Hyperforce from tortuous brainwashing by Mandarin and Sakko. As Chiro and Gibson expore the citadel's nightmarish interior, they discover secrets of Chiro's past, as well as a secret of Skeleton King himself. Can Chiro harness the Power Primate, free his friends and defeat Skeleton King before he unleashes a wave of evil on Shuggazoom?


SRMTHFG S01E14-Skeleton King20:01

SRMTHFG S01E14-Skeleton King

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