The Hills Have Five is the 47th episode of the series.

The Hills Have Five
Season 4, Episode 8
Air date October 28th 2006
Written by Randolph Heard and Eric Trueheart
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Chris Reccardi
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Night of Fear
Demon of the Deep


Jinmay and Nova are buying burgers but when a missile rocket attacks Shugazoom, a gang of road bikers kidnaps them, however when Jinmay and Nova get kidnapped, the gang programmed Jinmay! But when they programmed Jinmay they gave her a new look and Chiro, Gibson, Antauri and Sparx arrive just in time. A depressed and surprised Chiro is dinner! Will the others save Chiro and bring Jinmay back to her senses?


The title is a referrence to the horror classic The Hills Have Eyes.


SRMTHFG S04E08-The Hills Have Five19:54

SRMTHFG S04E08-The Hills Have Five

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