The Sun Riders is the 5th episode of the series.

The Sun Riders
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date October 16th 2004
Written by Henry Gilroy and Barry Hawkins
Directed by Fumio Maezono and Ciro Nieli
Episode guide
Magnetic Menace
Secret of the Sixth Monkey


Chiro is explaining to the monkeys about his favorite show, "Sun Riders," when they see the Formless spotted in Shuggazoom City. They find out that the Formless are chasing The Sun Riders. After rescuing them, Chiro invites them to team up while the monkeys fix their bikes. While they're training with Chiro, the Hyperforce find out that they work for Skeleton King and that they have taken control of the Super Robot.


SRMTHFG S01E05-The Sun Riders19:56

SRMTHFG S01E05-The Sun Riders

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